Non Invasive Solutions

Nutrition & diet consultation

Healthy diet forms the base all the weight loss program. our expert will analyze your food habits and will come up with the solutions according to your needs.
Diet chart is made on the individual basis based on one’s BMI, Eating habits, preferences (veg/non-veg) activity and life style. This tailor made diet chart ensures that you lose an adequate weight to reach your target.

Fitness solutions

Physical active and fitness training is part and parcel of our weight loss program. Highly skilled professional trainers will be at your side guiding you to perform the right activity.
Activity without supervision may sometimes be injurious to your body. Hence we make sure that you lose weight in a healthy and safe way. Our trainers will discuss with you to plan the best program you would fit in.

Stress buster program

Mental stress is an important factor involved in weight gain. As our body weight is primarily controlled by our mind (brain).stress factors directly influences the brain to alter the body's weight.
Weight gain also induces mental stress. This vicious circle is very difficult to stop. Our stress therapist at le Midaz will put you in a zone of comfort to destress yourself

Yoga therapy

Yoga is an ancient practice that originated in India more than aims to attain healthy body healthy mind. Holistic development of physical, mental and spiritual health is the focus of yoga.
Many asanas(body postures) help in keeping the weight under check and also to reduce the excess weight. Our yoga pandit will teach you the asanas till you learn it in the right way.

Endscopic therapies

A small video camera tipped is passed through the mouth into the stomach. An inflatable special balloon is placed inside the stomach and left behind for 6 months. Weight loss happens over 6 month’s period. Right diet and activity will complement the endoscopic to have more success.
For deserving patients, a newer technique where in the stomach is stitched from inside using an endoscope can be performed.

Do you have time constraints

Every type of weight loss program will be effective if given sufficient time. However when you want to plan your wedding ceremony or any other important personal or official meetings the conventional program may not suit you.
In such situations, you can select our fast track weight loss program. Under this we will take into consideration your needs and work on the reasonable target achievable within the time .the type of therapy offered may vary from individual to individual according to their expectations.

Comprehensive health programs

You can choose the combination of weight loss programs according to your choice. Clients opt to choose two three or four solutions as they feel necessary. Our experts will help you in deciding the option
  • Diet
  • Fitness
  • Yoga
  • Stress
  • Endoscopic
  • Comprehensive
  • Fast track
  • Sleeve
  • Bypass
  • MGB

Weekend Weight Loss Procedures

If you are not able to spare enought time to burn your extra fats don't be upset! We at Midaz are providing the best solution for this. just send a weekend with Le Midaz to set right your metabolism.
Get transformed without strain during your stay with us. Back to work on Monday, becoming slimmer day by day thereafter. Discuss with our experts to know more about this.